2 lakhs vaccines wasted by expiration but vaccine program host at star hotel

On Saturday alone, 2 lakhs more dossed vaccines of Covid-19 have been wasted. The vaccine has been wasted when the vaccine program is not effective. But on Sunday, the World Health Organization (WHO) along with Ganesh Prasad Timilcina, president of the National Assembly has a program on covid-19 vaccine effectiveness at the Star Hotel.

Covishield’s expiration from Saturday and the WHO on Sunday said the National Assembly Speaker and Health Secretary Dr. Roshan Pokharel with a star hotel is not just a coincidence. Rajesh Pandawa who is a Nepalese deputy at WHO, said: “We are not going to have to be able to do so. Members of the National Assembly have been informed by taking them to a star hotel on the current state of Covid-19, the status of the vaccine program. Two million more vaccines were wasted when the WHO’s Pandawa informed the MP about the current state of covid-19 vaccine program in the hotel Himalayas. But there was a huge chat about the vaccine program at the hotel. The public has been denied the vaccine program.

According to Bade babu Thapa, a pharmacy officer with the Department of Health Services, about 10,000 wastes has been lost in Kathmandu. He says they have no reports outside the district. There are 2 lakhs more patterns seen two days before the deadline,’ Thapa said with Swasthya Live.


The WHO has been holding a programme at a star hotel that makes MPs happier than the state of the country. The chairman of the house, Ganesh Prasad Timilcina, was present at every event and was joined by dr. Rajesh is robbing the advantage. The WHO and the Ministry of Health have a hunting vaccine program. MPs are enjoying at the banquet.

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